It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…5 AM, that is

Gone are the days that I could tolerate, I mean, actually enjoy the hours past midnight. Another strange pregnancy symptom for me is sleeplessness. You’d think God would want to give me some Zzzzzs before the baby arrives and I am up 3+ times a night doing feedings and changing diapers, but then again God has a strange sense of humor sometimes. I believe this is my what makes me most nervous and, shall I dare say, is a major con to welcoming a new one into the fold.

My wholehearted goal this go around is to employ my husband this time. My last experience with a newborn brought with it sleepless nights for the first six months. And because I breastfeed, I was the one up every night. I remember the countless times I would literally kick my husband when I caught our baby’s first cries at 2 a.m. over the monitor.

So, this go-around, I told my husband straight up that we would be taking turns. One night on, one night off. And, when you are on shift, you sleep in the baby’s room so the other parent can actually sleep and not be woken up by the monitor. (By “other parent”, I mean me).

Moms, what advice do you have to avoid becoming a zombie during the first six months of sleeplessness? Have any of you effectively split up feedings with your significant other?

Maybe some of you who work as bartenders or nurses in those early hours have tips to feel awake the next morning besides the obvious one of buying some strong Cuban coffee?