Getting enough shut-eye?

It’s Thursday and I’m exhausted, as I am sure most of you are. I looked up some tips to feel a tad more awake in the morning. Here are some good ones:

1. Cut the caffeine out early. So, you got to have that cup of coffee, or two, in the morning to get going and come 2 p.m., you hit another wall and opt for a soda, tea, or coffee. One tip is to start weaning off the afternoon caffeine. Try cutting your cup in half and slowing weaning off the afternoon caff. If you need to add in a vitamin to add an energy boost, try B12, or munching on a protein bar or berries. It’s also helpful to cut out desserts after dinner to curb the sugar intake.

2. Power down. We are so in-tune with our electronics. Some of us even fall asleep with the TV on or reading a book on the iPad. Screens disturb your ability to relax and gradually wind down. Consider watching TV after dinner and not right before bed. Try to stop looking at your email, Facebook, Pinterest, right before you shut off the lights. Get in bed and turn on the bedside lamp instead of having the TV or overhead lights on. If you read on a tablet,¬†use one that resembles looking at paper (brightness of screen), or use a real book…they always seem to put me to sleep.

3. Expend that remaining energy you have. Take walk after dinner or do squats across the room. Also, doing some yoga poses helps stretch you out and allow you to relax.

4. Have those important conversations earlier. It seems like once you lie down, you remember things you’d like to chat with your spouse about. Remember you aren’t as sharp at the hour and not likely to remember important details, such as when to pick up your child from his sitter next Friday, so make a point to talk¬†earlier. (it’s always helpful to keep a Post-It pad and pen on your nightstand) Also, some conversations with important details sometimes cause fights. Becoming more emotional and fired up will not help you wind down.

Hope you catch some ZZZs soon!