Beauty Quick Fixes

It’s Monday morning, or any morning for that matter, and you are rushing around the house attempting to get out the door (or all other family members out the door) when you realize you ran out of a beauty or hygiene product yesterday. If you are like me, you freak a little and vow to stop at the CVS or Walgreens on the way out. But do you really have a few minutes to squeeze in your commute?

Here are some quick fixes I have come up with to deal with these dire situations. Disclaimer: These are definitely temporary and you should probably not procrastinate and rely on these solutions for days on end.

1. You or a man in the house ran out of shaving cream. Solution: conditioner or baby oil. Be careful, surface of skin will be more slippery and prone to nicks and bumps.

2. You look like a raccoon with mascara smudged under your eyes and there is no eye makeup remover in sight. Solution: Vaseline. Be sure to use sparingly and completely wipe it off since it will prevent a new application of makeup from staying put.

3. No more deodorant. Solution: Pat some baby powder under your pits, but please stop by the store soon, especially in balmy, hot Florida.

4. Coffee breath and no more toothpaste. Solution: Use some baking soda to brush your teeth and avoid close conversations with others.

Again, these are meant when you are in a bind. Wishing you a few extra minutes to stop by the store today!