Those Darn Hormones: Crazy Pregnancy Symptoms

Had a checkup today. Close to 17 weeks now and starting to feel the little fish flip around, which reminded me about the other crazy pregnancy symptoms I had earlier on in this pregnancy, as well as during my last. During my first trimester, it was not difficult to kick the caffeine habit from the start. Immediately upon waking each morning, the smell of coffee would trigger my nausea and I would have to vomit to feel better and then choke down some saltine crackers. I’m so glad that phase is through.

I am beginning to get a bit more energy in the afternoons, but now I have crazy headaches, and I know they are not caffeine-induced anymore. I asked the doctor about it today and she said it was a normal side effect and related to my change in hormones. My hormones went crazy post-baby last go-around and I had intense itching sensations on the arches of my feet and on my shins. What the heck? I remember sticking a pencil into my shoes during class, attempting to gain some relief by scratching my arches. It was so weird and the doctors attributed it to hormones. What pregnancy side effects have you endured and learned to deal with?